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Eight Healthiest Breakfast Foods

Nonfat Greek Yogurt
With more hunger-fighting protein than traditional yogurt, it’ll keep those mid-morning hunger pangs at bay.

Start your day off with a warm bowl of oatmeal — choose rolled or steel cut oats.
Skip the sugary packets and add a little sweetness with dried fruit, 
applesauce or a touch of honey or brown sugar. Use your slow cooker to make getting a healthy breakfast even simpler.

Toss blueberries, strawberries and raspberries on cold cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes or French toast. Berries are high in an anti-inflammatory compounds called anthocyanins, which may help reduce heart disease and diabetes, and improve eyesight and short-term memory.

Peanut Butter
Need a quick protein boost in the morning? Spread a tablespoon of the stuff on whole grain bread, add to a smoothie, mix into oatmeal or spread on apple slices. Remember to choose the natural kind to keep sugar under control.

Easy and versatile, eggs contain vitamins A and D and the antioxidant lutein for healthy skin and eyes. Scrambled, soft-boiled, poached or over easy, serve with whole-grain toast for a stay-with-you breakfast.

Sprinkle flaxseeds on yogurt, oatmeal or blend in your morning smoothie or muffin batter. This high-powered seed adds extras omega-3 fat, fiber and protein.

Cottage Cheese
Top low-fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit for an on-the-go breakfast that will leave you satisfied. Packed with 16 grams of hunger-fighting protein and only 1 gram of fat, it’ll help get your day started.

Whole-Grain Cereal
A bowl of whole grain cereal and low-fat or skim milk takes only minutes to put together. But watch out for whole grain cereal boobie traps, like high calories and sugar. 

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