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Why Restricting is Evil

When you restrict yourself from a certain kind of food or type of food, you’re setting yourself up for a binge.

If you don’t let yourself eat cookies during your “diet” or “health plan”, this means you’re not planning for a healthy life, you’re planning a weight loss diet that won’t last forever.

So, this means at some point your diet will end, and you’ll eat the food that you restricted yourself from.

Let’s say you never let yourself eat chocolate chip cookies while you were dieting.

Once you get your hands on that those decadent treats that you missed out on, you’ll go all out and let yourself go on a binge, because you’re not dieting anymore.

The key is to eat when you’re hungry, and eat what you crave.

In other terms, maybe you don’t let yourself eat desserts because you’re not hungry, you just have a craving. That’s okay, because it doesn’t have to do with restricting yourself from a certain food, it has to do with making sure your reasoning for eating is accurate.

However, if you’re hungry at night and want that cookie, eat it! Your body wants any kind of fuel, and a cookie counts. If you eat chocolate chip cookies occasionally, and only eat one when you do let yourself eat them, your chance of eating five later on is incredibly low.

Since you are used to eating one cookie when you’re hungry, you won’t see cookies as a “treat”, you’ll see them as a food you love to eat sometimes, so you’ll keep yourself at one cookie.

Don’t restrict yourself, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

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3 years ago
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