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The Truth About Diet Sodas

We all know how crazy the myths and truths have gotten surrounding diet sodas, which is a shock and disappointment for many of us, who love soda and who have tried to be healthier by drinking diet instead of regular. I’m here to help clear up the myths and mirky waters, and with the help of MayoClinic (my best friend), I’ll tell you the real scoop.


1. The artificial sweeteners and other chemicals are really bad for you and may cause cancer

2. Diet sodas increase your chances of obesity

3. Diet sodas cause you to eat more


1. According to nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky, the sweeteners and chemicals in diet soda are safe for most people. There is no evidence that these chemicals cause disease or cancer.

2. Diet soda does not increase your chances of obesity, however, people who drink diet soda have been known to have a higher chance of being obese then people who don’t. It’s confusing, but the idea is that people who drink diet soda often believe that they’re saving calories with the drink, and eat more in their food, so it’s a vicious cycle.

Also, people who try dieting often drink diet soda, and we all know that dieters who restrict too much often binge and actually gain weight, which could also explain the connection.

3. This has been speculated to be true, because your body gets the taste, but no calories, or no fuel, so after the taste it looks for the calories that it was waiting for, if that makes sense.

So, what do I do?

You can eat diet sodas, but gradually lower the amount you do drink. A few cans each week is okay, as Katherine Zeratsky claims that what really increases your risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity is drinking more then one can per day, and that occasionally drinking diet soda is fine.

Sources here and here

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